Civil Engineering

S.No. Semester Lab Name Download Link Video Link
13CE3-21 Surveying Lab DownloadDownload
3CE3-22 Fluid Mechanics LabDownloadDownload
3CE3-23 Computer Aided Civil Engineering DrawingDownloadDownload
3CE3-24 Civil Engineering Materials LabDownloadDownload
3CE3-25 Geology LabDownloadDownload
24CE4-21Material Testing LabDownloadDownload
4CE4-22 Hydraulics Engineering LabDownloadDownload
4CE4-23 Building DrawingDownloadDownload
4CE4-24 Advanced SurveyingLabDownloadDownload
  4CE4-25 Concrete LabDownloadDownload
35CE4-21Concrete Structures DesignDownloadDownload
5CE4-22 Geotechnical Engineering LabDownloadDownload
5CE4-23 Water Resource Engineering Design LabDownloadDownload
46CE4-21Environmental Engineering Design and LabDownloadDownload
6CE4-22 Steel Structure DesignDownloadDownload
  6CE4-23 Quantity Surveying and ValuationDownloadDownload
6CE4-24 Water and Earth Retaining Structures Design  DownloadDownload
6CE4-25 Foundation DesignDownloadDownload
57CE7ADesign of Water Resource Structures-IDownloadDownload
7CE8A Steel Structures Design-IDownloadDownload
  7CE9A Concrete Structures Design-IIDownloadDownload
7CE10A Application of Numerical Methods in Civil Engineerinng LabDownloadDownload
6 8CE5A Design of Water Resources Structure IDownloadDownload
8CE6A Professional Practice & EstimatingDownloadDownload
8CE7A Steel Structures Design-IIDownloadDownload
8CE9A Design of FoundationsDownloadDownload
8CE10A Structural Analysis by Matrix MethodsDownloadDownload

Computer Science Engineering

S.No. Semester Lab name Download Link Video Link
1 3CS4-21 Data Structure and Algorithms lab Download Download
3CS4-22 Object Oriented Programming labDownloadDownload
3CS4-23 Software Engineering LabDownloadDownload
3CS4-24 Digital Electronics labDownloadDownload
2 4CS4-21 Microprocessor & Interfaces lab Download Download
4CS4-22 Database Management System labDownloadDownload
4CS4-23 Network Programming DownloadDownload
4CS4-24 Linux Shell Programming labDownloadDownload
4CS4-25 Java labDownloadDownload
3 5CS4-21 Computer Graphics & Multimedia Lab Download Download
5CS4-22 Compile Design labDownloadDownload
5CS4-23 Analysis of Algorithms labDownloadDownload
5CS4-24 Advance Java labDownloadDownload
4 6CS4-21 Digital Image Processing lab Download Download
6CS4-22 Machine Learning labDownloadDownload
6CS4-23 Python labDownloadDownload
6CS4-24 Mobile Application Development labDownloadDownload
5 7CS7A Web Development Download Download
7CS8A VLSI Physical Design labDownloadDownload
7CS9A Compile Design labDownloadDownload
6 8CS5A Unix Network Programming & Simulations lab                       Download Download
8CS6A FPGA lab DownloadDownload
8CS7A Digital Image Processing lab DownloadDownload

Electrical Engineering

S.No. Semester Lab name Download Link Video Link
1 3EE4-21 Analog Electronics lab Download Download
3EE4-22 Electrical Machine I labDownloadDownload
3EE4-23 Electrical Circuit Design labDownloadDownload
2 4EE4-21 Electrical Machine Lab II Download Download
4EE4-22 Power Electronics LabDownloadDownload
4EE4-23 Digital Electronics LabDownloadDownload
4EE4-24 Measurement LabDownloadDownload
3 5EE4-21 Power System I lab Download Download
5EE4-22 Control System labDownloadDownload
5EE4-23 Microprocessor labDownloadDownload
5EE4-24 System Programming labDownloadDownload
4 6EE4-21 Power System II lab Download Download
6EE4-22 Electric Drive LabDownloadDownload
6EE4-23 Power a System protection LabDownloadDownload
6EE4-24 Modelling and Simulation Lab                       DownloadDownload
5 7EE7A Power System Planning Lab Download Download
7EE8A Power System Modelling and Simulation Lab                        DownloadDownload
7EE9A Industrial Economics & Management LabDownloadDownload
6 8EE5A Computer Based Power System Lab Download Download
8EE6A Electrical drives and Control LabDownloadDownload
8EE7A High Voltage Engineering LabDownloadDownload

Mechanical Engineering

S.No. Semester Lab name Download Link Video Link
1 3ME4-21 Machine drawing practice Download Download
3ME4-22 Material testing labDownloadDownload
3ME4-23 Basic Mechanical Engineering lab                                       DownloadDownload
3ME4-24 Programming using MATLABDownloadDownload
2 4ME4-21 Digital Electronics lab Download Download
4ME4-22 Fluid Mechanics labDownloadDownload
4ME4-23 Production practice lab DownloadDownload
4ME4-24 Theory of Machines labDownloadDownload
3 5ME3-21 Mechatronics lab Download Download
5ME3-22 Heat Transfer labDownloadDownload
5ME3-23 Production Engineering labDownloadDownload
5ME3-24 Machine design Practice IDownloadDownload
4 6ME4-21 CIMS lab Download Download
6ME4-22 Vibration labDownloadDownload
6ME4-23 Machine Design Practice IIDownloadDownload
6ME4-24 Thermal Engineering labDownloadDownload
5 7ME7A Thermal Engineering lab II Download Download
7ME8A FEM labDownloadDownload
6 8ME5A CAM lab Download Download
8ME6A CAD labDownloadDownload
8ME7A Industrial Engineering lab IIDownloadDownload

First year department

S.No. Semester Lab name Download Link Video Link
1 1FY2-20
Engineering Physics
Engineering Chemistry lab                                                   
Download Download
Language lab
Human values Activities and Sports                
Computer programming lab
Manufacturing practices Workshop
Basic Electrical Engineering
Basic Civil engineering
Computer aided Engineering Graphics
Computer aided Machine Drawing
2 2FY2-21
Engineering chemistry
Engineering Physics lab
Download Download
Human values activities and sports
Language lab
Manufacturing Practices worship
Computer programming Lab
Basic civil engineering
Basic Electrical engineering lab
Computer aided Machine Drawing
Computer aided engineering graphics