Club in JIT

Spark Club

    • Club Introduction – Student Promoting, Action, Responsibilities & Knowledge “SPARK” is the student Club of the Department of Electrical Engineering. Club was started in the Year 2014 by the efforts of the Department Faculty members and students of the year (2015-Pass batch).
      This Club promotes the students towards the cultural and technical activities ultimately developing their extracurricular and Personality developments which helps the students in getting jobs and in their future life also.
      Clubs have four main pillar post President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and remaining all the student of the department are the default members.
    • Members of Club – Dr. Shalini Kulshrestha  (President),Mr Rohit  (Vice President), Ms. Kiran(Treasurer).
    • Role of Club -To encourage students to do something new.
    • Achievement of club – Yoga Shivir, Solar Power Plant Visit.

Dance Club

    • Club Introduction Dance club of JIT was formed in order to bring out the dancing talent from every JITian. It not only focuses on entertaining people but also working on bringing out certain message that will be useful for the student. The club was established with the mission of bringing out the hidden talents among students and also provides them a stage where they can showcase their dancing talent and interest. The club provides lot of opportunities in the form of competition and workshops for igniting the spark of interest present in the budding technocrats and honing their skills towards showcasing their talents.
    • Members of Club–Dr. Shalini  (President), Ms. Poonam (Vice President).
    • Role of Club -To encourage students & welcomes new talent every year with open hearts to do something new.
    • Achievement of club–Hosts Festival Zebronic (Annual Fuction of JIT).

Music Club

    • Club Introduction The Club focuses on bringing out the musical talents (both vocal and instrumental) and providing them a stage to perform.
    • Members of Club– Mr. Manuj  (President), Ms. Manisha  (Vice President).
    • Role of Club -Welcomes new talent with open hearts to do something new & impressive.
    • Achievement of club – Hosts Antakshri & Singing Events in JIT.

Literary Activities Club

    • Club Introduction- JIT literary committee ‘Littéraire’ is formed to give students opportunities to liberate their thoughts and develop skills to speak their minds in different ways. The committee will provide a substantial and unrestricted foundation for students to explore the world beyond the technology.
    • Faculty Members of Club–Mr.Rajendra  (President), Ms. Kiran (Vice President)
    • Role of Club –
        • Arranging competitions for literary activities, like debates etc.
        • Giving information notices regarding inter and intra literary events.
        • Encouraging students to participate in literary events.
        • Bringing thinkers out of tech-maniacs.
        • Giving society efficient communicators.
        • Making students think over issues of importance for Society, Country, and Humanity.
        • Achievement of club – Posters/collage making, Debates, Quiz, Group Discussions, poetry.

New Letter Club

    • Club Introduction The work of circulating the information about college’s important activities and achievement, among each person, who is directly and indirectly a part of the college, is very important. So the Newsletter and Magazine Club works for ‘right to inform’ and ‘right to express’. The essential purpose of the club is to provide a platform to the college students and faculty members to express them through scholarly articles, suggestions and various forms of writing. Another important work is to make aware everyone including alumni, faculty, staff, students, parents and other friends of the college about college activities and achievements by releasing a monthly newsletter of the college.
    • Faculty Members of Club – Mr.Avinash  (President), Mr. Zartab (Vice President).
    • Role of Club –
        • The club recognizes, appreciates and promotes the students, allowing them in presenting their creativity with words freely and placing their articles in college magazine.
        • To get released the monthly Newsletter as well as magazine of the college in print as well as in an electronic form.
        • Published the activities of the various academic and cultural functional clubs, which function in the college. These clubs help nurture the inherent talent of the student by extending their areas of interest and inspiring them to aim higher.

Web & IT Development Club

    • Club Introduction- The world is going digital and it is convenient to answer all the queries one has with just one click of a button. To make access to the institute easy for all the stake-holders (Internal/External), JIT has its own website. Development of JIT website is the outcome of combined effort of administration and members of Website development/Graphics designing Committee.
    • The committee is solely responsible to review and update the website regularly, graphic designing and search engine operation.
    • Faculty Members of Club – Dr. Shalini Kulshrestha (President), Mr. Rohit Bansal (Vice President).
    • Role of Club –
        • Designing of the college website and regular updations on the website.
        • Coordinate with all departments and publicize new developments in the campus and update the same regularly.
        • Website Link :

Drama Club

    • Club Introduction- “You take my life when you take the means whereby I live” as quoted by Shakespeare is said to be true motto for our drama club “Aagaaz”. Drama is a unique medium to explore and express human feelings. The main motto of Drama Club AAGAZ is exploring new ideas, channeling creative choices and interpreting thoughts in traditional and modern ways.
    • In this session, AAGAZ performed at the college Orientation Day, Teacher’s Day as well as during College Fest – Zebronics 2017 in the event DRAMEBAZZ.
    • Members of Club – Ms. Teena Sharma (President), Mr.Yogesh Sharma(Vice President).
    • Role of Club –Focusing on different forms of drama, AAGAZ has contributed towards healthy society building and also spread awareness about various social evils.

Skill Development Club

    • Club Introduction- The regular advancement in technology and at every field of education demands perfection from students also to get acquainted with everything. To achieve this task JIT Skill Development Cell offers rich program and opportunities to develop soft skills of the students beyond the main degree to help them to stand out in the job market and enhance their CV.
    • Faculty Members of Club – Dr. Swapnil Singhal (President), Mr. Rajendra Verma (Vice President).
    • Role of Club –
        • To conduct vocational training program at college.
        • To get the collaboration with Government Scheme of VTP.
        • The club will invite industrial personality at JIT campus to enhance soft skills of the students by giving them practical knowledge.
        • The club will work to manage expert lectures and session for students.

Swachata Mission Club

    • Club IntroductionIn compliance with Prime Minister Shree NarendraModi’s initiative SwachchhataAbhiyan, JIT has established Swachata Awareness Committee. The committee is to increase awareness about the cleanliness and hygiene in and out of the campus among students, faculties, and other staff members of the institute.
    • It’s a small step to contribute in the huge campaign run by Indian central Government.
    • Faculty Members of Club – Mr. Rohit Sharma (President), Mr. Rakesh  (Vice President).
    • Role of Club –
        • Designing and execute Swachata Awareness programme in the college.
        • Coordinate with Eco Cell for implementing Eco-friendly methods to run Swachchta drives.
        • Coordinate with all departments set up teams for Swachata Awareness drives in the campus.
        • Organize events regularly.