Computer engineering

Computer Science & Engineering Department is offering bachelor degree programs providing students with a strong foundation in computational methods for the design and operation of complex, engineered, and scientific systems. The curriculum’s common core represents all engineering disciplines and an elective component focuses on particular applications.

The CSED emphasizes on:

    • Educational breadth through introductory courses in numerical analysis, simulation, and optimization.
    • Multidisciplinary aspects of computation.
    • Consultancy and sabbatical with leading industries.

Computer Science department aims to provide a bridge between the latest Technology and the students eagerness and need to acquire knowledge. Computer Engineering focuses on the design, analysis, networking and application of computers and its various components. The discipline spans both advancing the fundamental understanding of algorithms and information processes in general as well as the practical design of efficient reliable software and hardware to meet given specifications.

Faculty at Computer Engineering believes in open interaction with students who are encouraged to participate in academic, research and extra-curricular activities. Students have never misplaced trust put in them by department and have done well in academic and industry alike.

Career Opportunities:

    • Software Engineering and Information System Industries.
    • Web based Application Industries.
    • BPO industry.
    • Multimedia & Animation.
    • Career as Network Professionals.
    • Career in Cyber Forensics.
    • Factory Automation System.
    • Consultancy in Multimedia.